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Outdoor Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker Dragon Ball RB-X1

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Brand: Remax 

Type: Bluetooth speaker

Compatible with smart phone, PC computer, Notebook, tablet PC, PSP game player etc.

Pocket sized travel speaker with a high quality sound The speaker has built-in lithium battery, can play 4~5 hours at maximum power Can be used with any Bluetooth device Loud and clear voice, also suitable for outdoor use Built-in microphone, easily turned into hands free Protect from wet environment and dropping outdoors.
Outdoor Lock Buckle to your backpack, easy attachment to wall or any flat surface and your outdoor gear All-around enough functions, it's ideal for use at the office, home, outdoor, or anywhere else. 

Volume output: 3 watts
Charging voltage: USB or AC/DC adaptor 5V
Bluetooth version: 3.0
Power capacity: 500mAh
Battery charging time: 2hrs
Continuous playback time: Up to 6 hours (or vary due to environment)


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