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Full Speed 2 Micro-USB RC-011m -- Charging & Data Cable

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Brand: Remax 

Type: Charging & Data Cable Micro-USB Cable

Compatible with most recent Android Cellphones

Super-wide flat design: Double Diameter (130 mm) of Ordinary Cable. Flat Distribution of Wire Core to protect the Copper Core well, Anti-knotted and Easy storage.
Engineering environmental TPE: High Strength and Character of Plastic Injection Moldeling. As a New Material, It is Durable, Smooth-Touching, 60 A Ultra-Soft and Non-Toxic, Anti-aging and No Harm to Human Skin.
Core with 118 High-Purity Copper Core: 2.1 A High Current, Soft and Good conductivity to Ensure Less Heat while Fast Charging. Enhance the Corrosion and Oxidation Resistance to Extend the Cable Using Life.
Full Copper Connector Nickel Plated: High Stability, Can Resist Corrosion from the Atmosphere, Alkali and Acid. Strong Abrasion Resistance, Exquisite Workmanship, Compact and Durable. The Insulation Layer with Soft Texture, Combine the Wiring Closely; The Metal Plug Clean and Bright.
Street Culture in Bold Colors: Representative of the Fashion  Energy and Passion of Youth, Love Sports, Love Life, Optimistic, Happiness and Unique. It's More than a Date Cable, Charming Appearance and Innovative Environmental Ideas, set Fashion, Environmental protection in a body. A Real Personality Group.
output: 2.1 A (MAX)
Length: 1M
Outsourcing line materials: Engineering environmental TPE, 60A super-soft non-toxic environmental protection
Port material: Imported alloy, copper-nickel transmission full fast and stability


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Items in fair condition will show signs of wear from more than average use. It may have cosmetic flaws of various kinds such as scratches, scuffs, or nicks on the screen or housing; and/or some minor background pixel burn in (i.e. Ghosting issue where some apps or text remains imprinted on the background). ~6/10

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